As a company committed to helping advance the economic and industrial growth of the UAE, we support the Abu Dhabi Government’s initiative to bring talented UAE national employees into the workforce and provide them with training and career development programmes

We are proud of our UAE national employees, whose number has steadily increased as a result of our success in attracting high-calibre professionals. As the organisation has grown, we have built the necessary framework to recruit and develop the skills of our Emirati employees and help them advance professionally.

We have achieved an Emiratisation level of more than 20%. We are very conscious, however, that our Emiratisation initiatives should not be led by statistics. UAE nationals are recruited on the basis of their suitability for the job.

Our Emiratisation strategy

The energy industry is one of the most important industries in the greater MENA (Middle East, North Africa and India) region and we aim to attract more UAE nationals to work in the sector and gain international experience. We have therefore adopted an aggressive and multi-disciplined Emiratisation strategy based on our long-term plans to recruit, train, develop and integrate UAE nationals at all levels in our business and to help Emiratis become leading professionals in the energy sector, hence contributing positively to the welfare and development of the UAE.

A holistic approach

We believe that the success of an Emiratisation strategy depends on a structured, comprehensive and holistic approach. For this reason, we have developed several initiatives that help us recruit and train UAE nationals.

Through these initiatives, Emiratis have the opportunity to experience a fast-paced, dynamic environment, where they work alongside local and international talent and across various segments of the energy sector to enhance their skills and knowledge.

1. TAQA leadership programme

Our main objective is to create opportunities for experienced UAE nationals with a view to increasing the number of Emiratis in leadership positions within the global business.

2. Increasing the number of UAE nationals in regular roles

We are identifying existing skills and knowledge gaps and are seeking to attract and retain the brightest and best UAE talent, giving Emirati employees the opportunity to maximise their potential.

3. Emiratisation trainee programme

This programme recruits and trains graduate UAE nationals and aims to develop a team of professionals highly proficient in all areas of our business.

4. Internship programme

We offer summer and winter internships (varying from two to eight weeks in length) aimed at attracting some of the best students to TAQA.

5. International internship programme

We offer one-week internships with a domestic or international subsidiary.

6. Relationships with Emiratisation authorities

We support the UAE Government’s vision for national development and we are closely associated with Emiratisation authorities across the UAE.

7. Outreach programmes

We participate in career fairs in the UAE to attract talented nationals to TAQA.

8. University link-ups

We support several initiatives with leading universities in the UAE to train and sponsor graduates to join the energy sector.