Our vision and values

In TAQA, we have a powerful sense of purpose, a clear vision for the future and shared set of values. These are the pillars of our business, driving our strategy and the way we interact amongst ourselves and with all our stakeholders, whether they be customers, investors, governments, industry partners or the communities touched by our activities.

Our Purpose

We believe that energy has the power to improve lives and bring prosperity. From Abu Dhabi to new horizons, we embrace the challenge of delivering affordable and reliable energy and water. That’s why, every day, our people deliver solutions that make a difference.

Our Vision

To be the leading international energy and water operator from Abu Dhabi.

Our Values

To ensure we achieve TAQA’s vision, it is important every member of the TAQA family pulls in the same direction. Call them values, behaviours or principles, they define the way we do things at TAQA on our best day. By living The TAQA Way, we are building an enduring enterprise of which we can be proud.


We believe in conducting our business in a safe & sustainable way

  • We work hard to keep each other safe
  • We care about our people’s well-being and ensure a healthy work-life balance
  • We take the long view but know that unless we consistently make money, we cannot sustain our business
  • We are good stewards of our properties
  • We understand our impact on the environment and work towards a more sustainable industry


We believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do

  • We always strive to do our best and to get better
  • We set high standards and work hard to beat expectations
  • We take pride in TAQA
  • We are open and honest with each other
  • We hold each other accountable.


We believe we are better when we work together

  • We put the interests of TAQA ahead of any individual or any group within it
  • We share our know-how, expertise and ideas with each other
  • We put our efforts into overcoming problems and apply the lessons we learn
  • We are an active member of the communities where we operate
  • We strive to be the partner of choice in the markets where we choose to compete
  • We make it enjoyable to work at, and with, TAQA


We believe in being courageous & creative every day

  • We encourage everyone to pursue big dreams and attempt great deeds
  • We are players not spectators
  • We seek intelligent solutions
  • We speak our minds and are not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • We are forward-thinking and try to see over the horizon


We believe that trusting each other is the foundation of everything we do

  • We start by trusting each other and make every effort to be worthy of trust
  • We treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • We keep our promises
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We have the freedom to be ourselves