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Lessons for Life
How we help deaf schoolchildren in Ghana to reach their potential
Water World
The global water market is going through a 21st-century renaissance
Pete Jones outlines the challenges he faces as Managing Director of TAQA in the UK
Talent Show
Why TAQA’s Talent Acceleration Programme is crucial to fostering fresh talent and sustaining long-term growth
Powering Up
How Jorf Lasfar’s expansion will help to boost Morocco’s economic growth and meet rising demand for electricity
One Culture, One TAQA
CEO Carl Sheldon and Frédéric Lesage, our new Chief Strategy Officer, explain how we can all contribute to building one culture across TAQA
Shape of Things to Come
North Sea operators, including TAQA, gear up for a multi-billion-dollar decommissioning programme. How are they dealing with the financial, technical and environmental challenges?
What I Do
From our plant in southern India, company doctor Sherlin Raj tells us how she cares for employees, their families and the wider community
An Alternative View
Dr Saif Al Sayari, executive officer of Energy Solutions, explains the thinking behind the creation of this new business stream
Harnessing the Golden Age of Gas
How Gas Storage Bergermeer got the go-ahead, helping the Netherlands to become the gas roundabout of Northwest Europe
The Big Crew Change is Here
Why we at TAQA are confident that we are not about to suffer from the industry's widely forecast talent gap
Gas Revolution
We talk to David Cook, TAQA’s Head of Oil & Gas, about how the shale gas boom is transforming the energy industry
The cowboy way
Jim Berry explains the lure of the rodeo and his role at TAQA
Music from the heart
Music has always been a passion for our Legal Counsel Elham Al-Marzouqi
Passport to success
Khaled Bader Al Sayari on why his role as the group’s “point man” is anything but predictable
Platform for safety
How TAQA’s critical safety procedures and training were recently put to the test in the North Sea
A place in a hurry
Kurdistan is joining forces with foreign investors to realise its oil potential
Having a ball
Newly launched on the international rugby scene, Malcolm Greenslade finds that his sporting career has parallels with his role at TAQA
Backing A Champion
We catch up with Mellisa Hollingsworth, the TAQA-sponsored Canadian skeleton racer and 2014 Winter Olympics hopeful
The winds of change
TAQA’s purchase of a 50% stake in the Lakefield wind farm in the United States will increase the company’s energy portfolio. It comes as major global companies move into alternative power
New Frontiers
Why our entry into Kurdistan's power sector has opened up large - and long-term - opportunities for the business
A purpose beyond profits
How TAQA is supporting Abu Dhabi's vision of building a knowledge economy