Gas Storage Bergermeer

Gas Storage Bergermeer

TAQA is the operator of Gas Storage Bergermeer. It is Europe’s largest, open-access gas storage; providing the Northwest European gas market with 46 terawatt-hours (TWh) of seasonal storage capacity.

Full commercial storage operations started in April 2015.

Gas Storage Bergermeer is a key facility in the Netherlands’ ambition to become the gas hub for Northwest Europe.


Working gas volume 45.6 TWh (4.1 BCM)
Cushion gas volume 48.5 TWh (4.3 BCM)
Maximum injection capacity 19.5 GWh/hr
Maximum withdrawal capacity 26.4 GWh/hr
Injection period 112 days
Withdrawal period 97 days

Third Party Access (TPA)

The majority of the storage capacity available at Bergermeer is made available to the market via Third Party Access, meaning that all interested companies can count on transparent and non-discriminatory access to the storage facility. This helps ensure the degree of supply flexibility required for a properly functioning market. Through TPA, Gas Storage Bergermeer provides gas retailers the flexibility required to match fluctuations in demand and guarantee security of supply, regardless of seasonal and short-term fluctuations in the demand for gas. With the depletion of the massive Groningen gas reservoir, which always provided a large part of this flexibility, storages like Gas Storage Bergermeer play an increasing role in matching this supply and demand.


Shift EI Technician / Operator (only candidates living in NL will be considered)



25 Jan 2018

TAQA achieves milestone in extending northern North Sea field life

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