Peak Gas Installation

Natural gas is stored at the TAQA-operated Peak Gas Installation (PGI), and delivered to the Dutch national grid (GTS) to meet peak demand.

PGI uses the Alkmaar gas reservoir located in the centre of the Bergen Concession near the city of Alkmaar and is situated approximately 2,200 metres underground. The installation has a contractual peak capacity of 36 million cubic metres per day and a working gas inventory of 500 million cubic metres.

TAQA holds a 36 percent stake in Peak Gas Installation and is the operator of the storage facility.

The other partners include the Dutch state-owned energy company, EBN (40 per cent), DANA Petroleum Netherlands BV (12 per cent) and Dyas BV (12 per cent). These parties have the right to exploit hydrocarbon resources within the boundaries of the Alkmaar Storage License.


Total gas ( when “full”) 3.6 billion Nm3
Working gas volume 0.5 billion Nm3
Cushion gas volume 3.1 billion Nm3
Maximum injection capacity
(at end of injection cycle, i.e. when 'full')
approximately 150,000 Nm3/hr = 1,465,350 kWh/hr (at 35,17 MJ/Nm3)
Minimum withdrawal capacity
(set by technical constraints)
100,000 Nm3/hr = 976,900 kWh/hr (at 35,17 MJ/Nm3)
Maximum withdrawal capacity
(at end of production cycle, i.e. when 'empty')
1,500,000 Nm3/hr = 14,653,500 kWh/hr (if a gross calorific value of 35.17 MJ/Nm3 is assumed)
Injection period from 1 April to 1 November
Withdrawal period from 1 November to 1 April
Connection to Gas Transport Services' G-Gas grid The entry/exit points at PGI are defined by Entry SAP code 301118 for production and Exit SAP code 301119 for injection.
Physically the facility is connected to Gas Transport Services' G-Gas system upstream of the Beverwijk compression station on the Wieringermeer to Beverwijk section.


Commercial Analyst & Operator


Commercial Analyst & Operator



31 Mar 2015

TAQA completes Europe’s largest third-party-access gas storage facility

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