Infrastructure Code of Practice

The Infrastructure Code of Practice is a voluntary code which outlines the best practices and expected behaviours of those who conduct negotiations for access to infrastructure. It was established to ensure that new and smaller players in the UKCS can develop and bring on stream discoveries which require third party infrastructure.

At TAQA we aim to be a good business partner and value third party business on our installations. The documents available on this page outline access information for all our operated assets, including relevant contact details.

Intelligent Safety

Intelligent Safety is TAQA’s positive safety culture. It’s part of living the TAQA Way, creating a ‘safe & sustainable’ future for TAQA and is at the heart of everything we do. There is a myth that ‘bad things only happen to other people’. This is simply not true. Intelligent Safety is about changing this belief by encouraging a culture of personal responsibility where we look out for the safety of ourselves and each other.

As part of our positive safety culture, we want everyone to develop an understanding of our limitations, and how to overcome these. By better understanding how our minds work we can begin to consciously make decisions and take actions that will help to increase the odds of staying safe in our favour.

Our Intelligent Safety approach encompasses three key elements:

  • People – Everyone working for, or on behalf of, TAQA needs to play their part by adopting our Intelligent Safety behaviours, and looking out for each other.
  • Plant and Process Safety – Measuring how our facilities perform and identifying areas needing further support or improvement.
  • Plant – Ensuring that our platforms are technically and mechanically robust so we can operate them safely.

A key element of Intelligent Safety is STOP, THINK, ACT which means we always STOP, to take a 20 second scan; THINK, about our surroundings and take Immediate Corrective ACTION, if we see or feel anything is unsafe.

Elected Safety Representatives reinvigoration program

TAQA's Elected Safety Representatives (known as ESRs or Safety Reps) play an essential role in driving the highest safety standards across our business and ensuring that our workforce can freely raise safety concerns about their work environments, processes and procedures.

A sustainable program has reinvigorated TAQA’s offshore Safety Reps and changed them from being reactive to proactive, resulting in unprecedented levels of activity.

The program provides a structure for Safety Reps to perform meaningful safety-related activities on TAQA platforms. This includes real support for OIMS, supervisors and constituents through training and documented support. A unique points system and method also tracks, reports and rewards all Safety Rep activities.

The program, which is completely supported by TAQA’s management, employees, Safety Reps and contractors, Step Change in Safety and the Health & Safety Executive, is forming the base of the new OPITO Elected Safety Rep development structure.

In support of sharing best practice across the industry please see below the support documentation which is used in the TAQA program:


  • ESR Guide - everything a Safety Rep needs to know to be effective in their role.
  • ESR platform ongoing support - the role of a Safety Rep can be a challenging one for both new and experienced Safety Reps. This document aims to set out a list of ‘How tos’ to enable OIMs, supervisors, HSEAs and constituents to support Safety Reps to be successful in their roles.
  • Program examples - the tools provided to Safety Reps to guide them in their roles includes inspection sheets and incident reports. A full list of Safety Rep activities is also included.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the success of this sustainable Safety Rep reinvigoration program, please contact Allan Smillie who led this effort.



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21 Jan 2020

TAQA secures Greater Brae Area (GBA) operatorship

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