Case Studies

TAQA is a global business, but we are unswerving in our support for the local communities in which we operate. Our aim is to share our success and work together to help build a sustainable business. This pledge to support environmental, economic and social issues is core to the way we act as a business – whether as an employee, an operator, or a local partner.

Case Studies - UAE

Emirati career showcase

As an Abu Dhabi-based company we are aiming to do all we can to further enhance and develop the Emirati leaders of the future. We have Talent programmes and have hosted career showcase events for UAE nationals studying abroad in the UK and Canada.

In November 2013, working in conjunction with the UAE embassy in the United Kingdom, TAQA played host to 60 UAE nationals at a two-day event to showcase potential careers within the group. It is the second event held by TAQA for UAE nationals studying abroad. A forum held at the UAE embassy in Ottawa, Canada for Emirati students in North America led to internship opportunities. TAQA’s North American operations have hired three Emirati students since May 2013.

Supporting the victims of human trafficking

Working with our partners in the UAE government TAQA supports the victims of human trafficking. With Ewa’a, a not-for-profit initiative under the umbrella of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, TAQA provides support for the upkeep of shelters for vulnerable women and children.

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Case studies - Netherlands

TAQA believes in supporting the local communities in which we work. Here’s some of our activities in the Netherlands.

Being a good neighbour, Gas Storage Bergermeer

At TAQA, we are committed to the protection and development of our people, the environment and supporting the communities in which we work.

Building a relationship with the community starts with being a good neighbour and communicating with those who live in the area. Before the construction of Gas Storage Bergermeer began in June 2012, TAQA strived to keep the communication lines with the community open, sharing regular news updates, progress on construction activities, and informing people about the impact our activities may have on them as quickly as possible.

Each month, we publish a “construction calendar” in the local papers, highlighting the key activities for the weeks ahead.

On our community-facing website (in Dutch only) provides an overview of the construction planning, news, pictures, videos and live images from our three webcams, background information about safety and the environment and other questions and answers.

Sponsoring culture, creative energy

We believe that culture is creative energy. That is why TAQA supports a rich cultural life in North Holland, where many of our employees work and live, and where our onshore operations take place. These initiatives benefit the communities where we operate by helping to improve the investment climate and touristic appeal of in the region of North Holland.

We are proud sponsors of TAQA Theater De Vest in the city of Alkmaar and the Kranenburgh cultural centre in Bergen, the Netherlands.

Sponsorship of small scale cultural initiatives

The TAQA Cultural Fund was founded in 2010, through which we sponsor more than thirty, educational and cultural events each year in the broader Alkmaar region. Requests for funding are reviewed by an independent advisory committee.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please consider our definition of culture:
* All expressions of art and/ or science;
* All activities focused on the atmosphere and traditions/ customs of the community;
* All expressions and activities that move people and enables them to have a better understanding and connection with each other.

TAQA Culture Foundations does not support sports activities.

Please see (in Dutch only) for more information, or to apply for funding.

Minimising environmental impact, Gas Storage Bergermeer

In the area surrounding Gas Storage Bergermeer, every effort is being made to minimise impact on the environment, and to the local community during the construction period and beyond.

We have taken significant steps to protect local wildlife during the construction of Gas Storage Bergermeer. Since 2009, we have set aside an 18 hectare field - equivalent to 27 football pitches- next to the drilling site to create a new nesting area for birds before and during the drilling. This land is being managed to create a safe habitat that will allow birds to nest and breed. Protected plants have been replanted elsewhere.

Together with the excavated earth, uprooted plants are returned to their original sites, allowing plants such as the marsh marigold to flourish again. A further 30 hectares of land close to the Bergermeer site will be set aside as a nature reserve to ensure that the Bergermeerpolder retains its unique environment for years to come.

Also, the Bergermeer natural gas well installations, used for gas production at the site, are being constructed underground. Once completed, the wells will no longer be visible.

Effective Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Health and safety is our number one priority. Effective Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) management are the top priorities of our business. We measure our performance and results through comprehensive audits and self-assessments. The HSSE department works with colleagues across our business to support TAQA’s activities, and supports our relationships with stakeholders including suppliers, minority investments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and industry groups.

Zero emissions

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our gas storage facilities. As a result of using the most advanced technology our state-of-the-art gas treatment facility of Gas Storage Bergermeer is free of carbon dioxide emissions: zero emissions.

Towards sustainability

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available. Even so, in a bid to tackle climate change and in line with European policy, the Dutch Government wants 14% of all energy consumption in the Netherlands to come from renewable sources such as solar power and wind by 2020. Gas Storage Bergermeer has a role to play in meeting this ambitious target. When renewable sources are unable to meet energy demand, people will still be able to rely on a ready supply of natural gas.

The possibility of tremors

Three independent institutes, KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), have studied the risk of tremors around the Bergermeer reservoir as a result of gas production in the past and future gas storage. Their conclusion is that the risk of such tremors is small. In fact, the majority of scientists say that the risk of earth tremors will decrease. In the unlikely event of a tremor resulting from gas production or storage and any sustained damage to property, TAQA will compensate for the damage.

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Case studies - UK

Here are some of our community investment activities in the UK spread across our investment pillars of education, community and environment:

Greenpower Challenge and Young Engineers and Science Club Scotland (YESCS)

Greenpower is a national engineering competition which challenges school pupils to design, construct and race electric cars. TAQA sponsors the Grampian Heat.

TAQA funds the purchase of materials for several local schools to build cars for the Greenpower Challenge.

Aberdeen Science Centre

TAQA sponsors the centre’s Engineering Club.

Northsound Energy Schools Quiz

Provides school pupils from across Aberdeen City and Shire with the opportunity to showcase their general knowledge and gain an insight into the oil and gas industry. TAQA sponsors two of the heats.

Energy Institute Schools Outreach programme

TAQA provides funding to support the schools outreach activities encouraging STEM subjects. The money goes towards materials to enhance their programme.

NASA in Aberdeen – 2020 Vision

As part of a collaborative industry-wide effort, TAQA provides funding for a NASA Astronaut to come to Aberdeen and deliver a STEM based programme to schools and the public across the North-East of Scotland.

Engineering Development Trust

Sponsorship of Go4SET is a 10 weeks STEM programme pairing teams of six S2 pupils with expert mentors from science and industry. TAQA support two teams.

Macduff Marine Aquarium

TAQA provides support for various environmentally based learning programmes for schools and the public.

Arnhall Moss Nature Reserve

Sponsorship of new pupils develop a discovery trail for visitors to follow through the moss, allowing them to look for some of the trees, plants, animals and minibeasts which live in this area. Once developed, the trail will be available to any family, community or school groups wishing to explore the area.

Outdoor Access Trust Scotland

Continued sponsorship of the Broad Cairn path.

Inspire PTL – Project Search

Project SEARCH is a one-year training for employment scheme run in partnership with Inspire Ltd, The University of Aberdeen and North East Scotland College. TAQA sponsors the intern’s uniforms.

Transition Extreme

TAQA provides funding for the Advance Academy – an intervention initiative that supports a group of young people in S2-S3, who have been identified within of being at risk of disengaging from their education.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

TAQA provides ongoing maintenance support for the Tern Alpha platform 3D immersive film.

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Case studies - North America

Supporting the local communities

TAQA believes in supporting the local communities in which we work. Here’s some of our activities in North America.

STARS Air Ambulance


Our corporate partnership with STARS offers time, hope, and live-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our involvement began with one of our legacy companies in 1998.

Our strong safety culture and shared values makes STARS an appropriate fit for TAQA. STARS also monitors and answers TAQA’s 24-hour emergency number in Canada. If there is an incident or emergency in the field, our operators, partners or the public, can call that number to receive immediate assistance. 

Alberta Ecotrust

At TAQA we have a commitment to the environment and to conducting our business safely and sustainably. Together with corporate partners, Alberta Ecotrust invests in people and projects to make Alberta a stronger and more sustainable place to live work and play. TAQA provides its knowledge, passion and time to ensure programmes are transparent, strategic and effective.

The Alberta Children’s Hospital

The Alberta Children’s Hospital provides kids with the best family-centred care possible in our city.

TAQA is a strong supporter of ACH and our employees offer their time to various ACH Foundation events such as the Caring for Kids Radiothon. All money raised by the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation is re-invested in the hospital and child health needs in our region.

The United Way of Calgary and Area

The United Way comprises of independent, volunteer-based agencies in cities across Canada and the United States. Each raises money to address areas such as poverty, homelessness, education and other key social issues.

Since 2008, TAQA employees have carried out creative UW Campaigns to raise money, have fun and get employees engaged in their communities.

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

On day one, hour one of the 2013 June floods, TAQA’s senior emergency response planner, a longtime Red Cross volunteer, was seconded to lead the set-up and implementation of the Red Cross Emergency Response in Calgary. In addition, TAQA committed $150,000 to the Red Cross (in the first week) and an additional $15,000 from TAQA staff thorough our donor-matching programme.

Vista Heights Elementary School

The Vista Heights partnership is one of the longest running community investment donations at TAQA, spanning over a decade.

The annual donation funds a breakfast programme that is open to all 144 students at the school. Each morning, 15 to 25 children – who might otherwise go hungry – are fed breakfast. It has a tangible effect on the lives of the children by providing the basic needs of a healthy breakfast. The programme also runs a kindergarten through grade six.

TAQA employees helping the community

Here are just some examples of how TAQA employees are helping communities in North America.

Cassie Campbell Street Hockey Festival

Each year the TAQA North Stars, TAQA’s very own street hockey team, participate in the annual Cassie Campbell Street Hockey Festival.  All money raised goes towards supporting sick children and their families. In 2013 the TAQA North Stars were honoured to take home the Team Spirit Trophy representing their positive show of sportsmanship.

Calgary Drop-In Center

Every month, 15 TAQA employees serve lunch to Calgary’s needy at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre. The initiative started nine years ago with legacy company PrimeWest. The Calgary Drop-In‘s mission is to prevent homelessness, offer care and shelter, and provide rehabilitation opportunities to Calgarians.

Helping Hands Award

The Helping Hands Award was created to support TAQA employees in their volunteer efforts. Employees who volunteer a minimum of 100 hours a year to any one organisation, association or non-profit group, are eligible to submit an application.  Since 2010, TAQA has awarded $50,000 to ten organisations.

Canadian Blood Services, Partners for Life

TAQA is an active member of Canadian Blood Service’s ‘Partners for Life’ programme which provides a vital connection between hospital patients and community organisations across the country. As a member of this programme, TAQA has committed to donating blood through donor clinics to help those whose lives depend on blood and blood products.

TAQA talent - sponsored athletes

Team Nedohin

TAQA employee Laine Peters has been playing with curling team, Team Heather Nedohin, since 2010. The championship team won the title as Team Canada in 2012 and is currently ranked 9th in the world and 7th in Canada.

Mellisa Hollingsworth

Skeleton racer Mellisa is one of the most celebrated athletes of her sport.  Mellisa won Canada’s first medal in woman’s skeleton after taking bronze at Torino in 2006. She also won the skeleton World Cup title in 2006 and again in 2010. Her father Darcy Hollingsworth is a TAQA employee out of our Rocky Mountain House office.

Corporate sponsorship

The Calgary Stampede 

TAQA is proud to be a Champion Sponsor for the world-renowned Calgary Stampede. The sponsorship gives TAQA the opportunity to support an essential part of Western Canadian culture, while being actively involved in the communities in which we live and work. 

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Case studies - Iraq

TAQA Iraq’s success in the country depends fundamentally on its ability to engage with local communities and develop strong positive relationships with all those touched by its operations.

TAQA in Iraq recognises that its business success is fundamentally dependent on building long-term partnerships with the local communities in which it operates. This means that the impact that our operations have on the environment and on all aspects of people’s lives in the region is always our top priority. We must be able to demonstrate to the Kurdistan Regional Government and the government of Iraq, as well as to all local populations that TAQA is offering value and real benefits to the country and its people.

As a result, we have developed a dedicated team of Community Liaison Officers who interact daily with the communities surrounding the Atrush Block. We participate in an ongoing series of meaningful and sustainable social responsibility projects in the KRG region, sharing updates and other information about the company’s operations and generally behaving as a good neighbour.

Supporting a women’s centre

TAQA has supported skills development initiatives aimed at adults. Through our daily engagement activities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq we became aware of a women’s Union and so reached out to a local women’s centre. TAQA made some initial donations including air-conditioning units, and computer equipment as well as a number of sewing machines. These machines are being used by members of the centre to make clothes, which are distributed to local orphanages.

Our journey to road safety

The biggest risk to the personal safety of our workforce in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is driving. Difficult road and weather conditions, general driving standards, and uncertain vehicle maintenance combine to make travel risky. This is further compounded by underdeveloped emergency services in the area. Upon purchasing the operating stake in the Atrush Block in late 2012, our security team recognised the risks posed by ground transportation. This included the limitations of having a supplier provide cars and drivers, i.e., TAQA was one of many clients the transportation company served. This meant that we had little control over vehicle models, standards and access outside of office hours, as well as having no priority in case of emergency.

Today, we have a trained team of 19 professional drivers and our own vehicle fleet. They provide a coordinated operation that carries our people on the three-hour journey between the capital, Erbil, and the Atrush Block, up to five times a week. A highly qualified medic is present on each journey. Furthermore, a Safe Driving Policy was developed, a driver training programme was established, speed limits set, daily inspections, and communication and safety equipment installed in all vehicles. With these steps we aim to keep our people safe from traffic risks.

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Case studies - Ghana

TAQA believes in supporting the local communities in which we work. Here’s some of our activities in Ghana.

Takoradi School for the Deaf

Lessons for Life - Takoradi School for the Deaf from TAQA on Vimeo.

Since 2001, our operations in Ghana have supported the JIKO orphanage in Aboadze and the Lighthouse orphanage in Cape Coast, as well as the Sekondi School for the deaf, through the provision of specialist teaching and learning aids. These initiatives have a direct impact on the lives of children living within our surrounding communities, helping children who would otherwise fall outside of the mainstream education system.

Building drainage canals

At TAQA, we work hard to look after the well-being of our people and those of our neighbours. For example, by helping to install drainage and sanitation equipment in nearby villages.

For a number of years our power plant in Ghana has been supporting overseeing the construction of culverts in adjacent villages. These drainage canals help avoid stagnating water reducing the risk of malaria and other water-borne diseases.

Scholarship programme

As the largest UAE company in Ghana, TAQA is committed to helping educate the next generation with a scholarship programme that supports around 300 pupils every year, aged between six and 24.

For the younger candidates, this means they will receive financial assistance to buy books and items of stationery. For the older students, the programme will help them find jobs after finishing their university studies.

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Case studies - India

TAQA believes in supporting the local communities in which we work. Here’s some of our activities in India.

Providing emergency services

Our care for the community often extends beyond infrastructure programmes. In India on-site company doctors and teams provide additional, free services to local communities including health awareness campaigns, first-aid and annual medical camps.

Our fire and ambulance services also serve the community. The nearest hospital to our facility is 18 kilometers away and since the ambulance service was introduced it has been utilised hundreds of times by local residents from road traffic casualties to expectant mothers.

Building drinking water facilities

Water is an essential ingredient for life but in our neighbouring communities of the Oomangalam and Uthangal villages potable water is very scarce, and not adequate to meet local daily demands. For each village we have led the construction of overhead water tanks with a capacity of 60,000 litres. From 2011, the water from the overhead tanks can now be distributed to the local villages.

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