TAQA is committed to supporting the economic and social development of the diverse communities in which we operate.


Many communities are either dependent on our business or directly affected by our operations. Close collaboration in terms of constructive engagement and community investment is vital to the success of our operations.

Our approach and strategy

All our major facilities have community investment and support strategies which have to be flexible to adapt to local requirements and priorities. Our offshore facilities in the UK have different community relations plans to thermal power operations in Morocco, for example. Therefore, community investment initiative identification, selection, approval, review and monitoring is managed through business units’ own individual governance structures.

Our community investment approach targets a range of projects but generally supports the main areas of: education and youth development; environmental protection and abatement; and social development such as infrastructure and medical facilities.

Encouraging our employees to help

TAQA employees are encouraged to get involved in community events, which is why we support individual participation in volunteering and fundraising events that benefit the local community and beyond. In some of businesses TAQA offers matched funding to staff and many staff members take full advantage of this scheme to help them reach, and in some cases exceed, their fundraising targets.